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A deeply rural and rooted corner of south-west France, the Dordogne is home to beautiful chateaux, traditional french gastronomy, a landscape of vineyards, forests and rivers but also picturesque fortified villages and charming towns.
Here are a few local restaurants recommendations for our members:
Café du Commerce
1 Place de la halle
24550 Villefranche-du-Périgord
+33 5 53 31 86 83
La Récréation
4 Le bourg
46250 Les Arques
+33 5 65 22 88 08
La Bastide
2 Route de Cahors
24550 Villefranche du Périgord
+33 553302267
Le Petit Paris
5 Le bourg dfd
24250 DAGLAN
+33 5 53 28 41 10
Maria Bonita - Le Bistro
3 Le Bourg
24170 Saint-Laurent-La-Vallee
+33 5 53 31 10 35
65 rue Saint-Pierre
+33 (0)5 53 22 44 00
La Table de Leo
Le Bourg
24440 Saint-Avit-Sénieur,
Caviar de Neuvic
Neuvic 24190
Le Gindreau
Le Bourg
46150 Saint-Médard
+33 5 65 36 22 27
2 Rue Pontcarral
24250 Domme
+33 5 53 28 31 41
Logis Hostellerie de Goujounac
Le Bourg
46250 Goujounac
Hostellerie Clau del Loup
7 Métairie Haute
46140 Anglars Juillac
+33 5 65 36 76 20
Domaine Chateau de Monrecour
24220 Saint-Vincent-de-Cosse
20 min
Monpanzier Village

Lazing between sun-baked clearings and chestnut forests in the southern Dordogne, this town, 20 minutes from the Club was founded in 1284 for King Edward I of England. Much to the joy of flâneurs today who revel in the medieval symmetry of central place des Cornières and its surrounding grid of streets, the bastide was built in a quadrilateral, 500 yards long and 250 yards wide.
45 min
Domme Village

A perfect example of the fortified towns built on hilltops during the 13th century, Domme retains its original ramparts and half-timbered architecture. You can enjoy a world-class 360-degree Dordogne Valley view – on place de la Halle. It is classified as one of the ‘most beautiful villages of France’.
45 min
Chateau de Monbazillac Vineyard ➝

Listed as a historic monument on 20 February 1941, the Château boasts a singular architectural style cleverly combining elements borrowed from Medieval architecture and others showing the influence of the times, the Renaissance. The greatest virtue of Monbazillac’s terroir, as with Barsac or Sauternes, is its predisposition to noble rot.
45 min
Domaine du Haut Pecharmant Vineyard ➝

In the twentieth century, on the same soil with pebbles, sand and flints, his descendants grow the Fruit of the Vineyard to produce a generous and full-bodied wine, well-structured and with a beautiful dark color.
The Périgord, region of traditions and history, delights it's visitors with the multiplicity of its richness.
The Pécharmant-wines (pech-charmant : charming hill), produced on the hills north of Bergerac, are part of this richness.

20 min
Belves Village

Belves is a lovely and lively medieval town, with a typical bastide layout and centre, and a preserved 15th century covered market hall. Under the main square are some remarkable troglodyte dwellings that you can visit. This village is also classified as one of the ‘most beautiful villages of France’.
1 h 10 min
Jardin de Marqueyssac ➝

These ornamental hanging gardens are the Dordogne’s most brilliant, planted on a rocky spur south of La Roque-Gageac in the 19th century. Some 150,000 vintage boxwoods, trimmed twice a year by hand, blaze a symmetrical riot of swirls, whirls and curvaceous patterns. Footpaths, lit after dark by thousands of candles in the summer, spiral through the green maze.
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