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Membership terms and conditions

Last updated on May 2022

  1. The association consists of: founding members, annual members, members per diem, honorary members, life members.
  2. Honorary members are persons who have made a particularly good contribution to “Le Club” and who are appointed on the recommendation of the board by unanimous vote.
  3. Honorary members are not subject to any formal obligations, but they enjoy all the rights of the members
  4. Life members can join by depositing a lump sum equal to fifteen times the annual contribution, see list of rates as appendix.
  1. In addition to members, Le Club has donors.
  2. Donors are those who are admitted by the board and who undertake to pay Le Club an (annual) contribution in cash or in kind, as determined by the board.
  3. Donors have no rights and obligations other than those assigned or imposed on them in or pursuant to the articles of association and/or regulations.
  4. The rights or obligations of donors can be mutually terminated at any time by written cancellation, with the except of the annual contribution for the current financial year at time of cancellation which remains due in full.
  5. Termination on behalf of Le Club is carried out by the board.
The Membership
  1. Registration takes place by filling in and signing the registration form as provided by secretary, on which the following information will be entered: date, name, full first name, address, birthday, mobile phone number, e-mail address, bank details, as well all details needed (a copy of a relevant identity documents, vehicle registration documents and proof of vehicle insurance for any vehicles to be stored by Le Club).The board may demand that the information provided in the form is supported by sound evidence.
  2. The costs of the registration, registration fee, of members are determined by the board. These costs must be paid upon submission of the registration form.
  3. Prospective members must submit either two written recommendation letters from existing members, or a letter of recommendation from the chairman of the RAC in London.
  4. Non-members may rent rooms provided that they are introduced by a member or by a recognized automobile club and provided that they become a per diem member. (see list of rates as appendix)
  5. Officially registered automobile clubs from all parts of the world are also welcome to use the club’s facilities with their members, provided that permission has been granted by the Management.
Rights and obligations of members
  1. Upon joining, a member is entitled to receive a copy of the statutes and the internal rules of Le Club.
  2. They have the right to make use of the spaces made available to members of “Le Club des automobiles du Chateau de Sermet”.
  3. They have the right to participate in debates and votes in the General Members’ Meetings.
  4. They have the right of free access to the buildings where members’ cars are parked, unless the management determines otherwise.
  5. They have the right to submit proposals, complaints and requests to the management. The management is obliged to treat or investigate submissions in a timely fashion and to inform the member that proposal, complaint or request has been received for the attention of the management.
  6. Every member may take in occasional cases and not more than twice a year, an unlimited number of guests, provided there is a room for them and provided that the member has applied this at least two months in advance. (for prices see the list of rates as appendix)
  7. They have the duty to inform the management of any changes of address, or changes to any banking matters that relate to the automatic collection of membership and parking fees.
  8. They have the duty to pay all membership and parking fees by direct debit.
  9. They have the duty to comply with the regulations of Le Club, as well as with guidelines issued by the board or the committee designated by the board in addition to the general board rules.

Appendix Internal rules.

Rates of Le Club des Automobiles du Château de Sermet

-Rates 2022-


  1. € 3500 annual members per year (one person plus partner)
  2. € 50.000 life members
  3. €. 500,– membership registration fee


Rooms in chateau (35 m²- 60 m²):

members only

  1. € 250,– per night (minimum stay of two consecutive nights)
  2. € 295,– per night rooms with bath for 2 persons

non members

  1. € 350,– per night (if available)
  2. € 395,– per night rooms with bath (if available)

Apartments in barn 50 meters from chateau (100 m² – 120 m²):

members only

  1. € 475,– per night in family apartments for 4 persons

non members

  1. € 675,– per night in family apartments for 4 persons (if available)

All prices are tax included.

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